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But, the results will easily fade away, especially if you sit in a quiet and dark space. Just like smoking, if the THC vape pen you’re using has too much awareness of THC, you might wind up experiencing anxiety, paranoia, or freak out. Are there any kind of negative effects of using a THC vape pen? Apart from this particular, using a THC vape pen provides effects which are similar that way of edibles or perhaps in any other usage method.

But, you are able to easily cover the device mouthpiece with a tissue or maybe rag to stay away from any problems. Vaping pens give rise to huge amounts of aerosol compared to normal joints & bowls, that may result in a bad cough in case you are having to eat over a few of hits. As with anything at all, there are a few downsides to using a vape pen device, however, they are quite little. It’s common to lose battery power when using a cali vape pen 1000mg thc pen, however the battery life should be easily replaceable and is less likely to have any long lasting damage if the device has dropped.

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This product does not have any known side effects. From the past experience of mine, picking out an established brand and also knowing the specifications on the vape pen can make a major difference. This transparency is able to allow you to make educated choices about what you are putting into your body. Search for products that clearly state the kind of oil, the focus of THC, and in any additional ingredients.